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29 Jun 2017
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How To Make Your Designer Handbags Last


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Posted By Freddy F.

The price of designer handbags and purses cannot hinder women from wanting to own one. They see these items as investments and so they don't mind spending a lot on them. A lot of women collect designer handbags and purses because aside from being very chic and nice to look at, they have become status symbols of the fashionable woman.

If you own designer a handbag or purse, be sure to take good care of it so that it will not lose its value. Remember not to let it get stained or ripped or torn as these can make it worthless. There are several things you can do to prevent your purse from being ruined.

The things that you put inside your purse or handbag are almost always the ones that can ruin it. Things like pens, lotions, make up, and sharp objects can cause tears or put stains on your handbag or purse. If it is not really necessary, keep yourself from carrying these items in your handbag. Aside from this, be very careful when putting things inside your handbag.

If you cannot really help but carry these items, make sure to put them in another holder like a leak proof bag. Even your make up can cause stains if they leak, which is especially true with lipsticks. There are purses designed to carry your make up so you can put them inside and then put the purse inside your designer handbag.

Leather accessories can be ruined if they get wet and there are conditioners available meant to protect them from water and liquids. Designer handbags are expensive because they are mostly made of leather so they need to be protected from getting wet.

If you want to enjoy wearing your designer handbags for a long time and perhaps even be able to give them to your daughters, you only have to follow the tips mentioned above.

Comments (4)

By Ryan E. on JUL 3 2017 @ 8:22PM

I never really thought about the things that go in my bag, but I guess it does make sense, especially if they're heavy.

By Janelle I. on JUL 3 2017 @ 11:01AM

Yeah, but if your bags last too long, you won't have any reason to ever get a new one, not that you need a reason :)

By Alan R. on JUL 1 2017 @ 9:16PM

Keep them away from your little kids!

By Karla D. on JUN 30 2017 @ 4:12PM

One tip, don't set them on the ground.

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